Spiderfence Randy.  Kerkman album coverRandy Kerkman returns to music. Fans of Mission of Mercy, Yondergoy, and his wife, Beki Hemingway, rejoice!

Spiderfence (EP)



Bandcamp Spiderfence

Spiderfence is a project dreamed up by Randy Kerkman (Mission of Mercy, Yonderboy).  This 3 song EP reminds us of previous Kerkman discs, in that it falls directly into the stoner/sludge/remnants of grunge area that Yonderboy did.  This trio, however, has an updated sound, while still being a throwback, in a good way. 

“Fly Today” is the result of throwing dUg Pinnick (King’s X), Queens of the Stone Age, and newer Alice in Chains into a blender, and getting the best out of all of them. “Sacred Cow” contains a Cult-like guitar intro, and focuses on not giving in: “Ain’t gonna bow to your sacred cow” is the anthemic chorus.

My only complaint with this project is that it is too short. I’m hoping that Kerkman turns this into a full-fledged album.

Bandcamp link: Spiderfence

Brian A. Smith

Four and a half tocks.