denniswarner beepBeepRubber Blubber Beep Beep

Beep Beep

Artist: Dennis Warner
Accompanying Musicians: Dan Neale, Derrick Raiter, Mike Zeleny, Cristina Seaborn, Glen Everhart, Unity Singers, Tammy Anhait-Warner, Dennis Kennedy, Katie Rust, Jack Richter, Julie Rust and Rusty Rust
Main Trail Productions MTP-0814-10 (2015)
Running Length: 36 Minutes
10 Tracks


Dennis Warner is a Minnesota-based musician who has performed at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and now released his first CD for children. It is arranged for children, but adults, don't let that stop you. In 36 minutes, you will have phrases and melodies going through your mind to brighten the day and keep the kids singing and/or dancing. The lyrics come through just fine and with easy tempos for listening or stepping to the music. Adults will remember “Beep Beep” from The Playmates, about "...the little Nash Rambler." 


Starting with “Rubber Blubber Whale,” which can be a tongue-twister, to “Cat In The Sink” (and try to brush your teeth there) to “The Marvelous Toy” (another old favorite,) the listener can have fun with lyrics.  Then, there are the easier-listening songs with friendship in the mood, such as “We Have Each Other”  (“…as long as tall trees grow…”) and “Beads On One String” (“…so much like each other…”) to warm the heart. That song was also composed by Dennis Warner. The CD ends with a lullaby, “Goodnight to the Moon and Stars” for sleepy-head time.


The collection of songs here runs the gamut from active, to tongue-twister to friendship to nighttime. Something for everyone in the family.



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