EthnotronicaExotic Eastern sounds, electronic beats and a muted jazz trumpet – if you've been hunting for this combination of genres, well today's your big day!

Artist: Ireesh Lal
6 tracks 22:13

If you think that the title of this album is a mash up of the words 'ethnic' and 'electronica' you'd be right. If you think this will be a club mix of a wide variety of ethnic sounds put to an electronic beat, well.... you'd be partly right. Actually, Indiotronica might have been a more accurate title since most of the ethnic sounds here are East Indian combined with a muted Miles Davis-like trumpet as the featured instrument (no, 'Ireesh' is not the same as 'Irish' – no Celtic sounds).

As with most 'programmed' compositions, there's a bit of a repetitious feeling to a good deal of the music, which doesn't fall into the 'trance' genre but nevertheless becomes trance-like at times. There are dance beats, synths, oud and tabla abounding with various 'guest sounds' popping in and out, though not often enough to give this EP enough of the varied musical texture that the title implies.

If you're looking for an exotic background mix that has a middle eastern flavor supporting a western-sounding jazzy trumpet, Ethnotronica is what you're looking for. No macarena, no Ukrainian folk music, no Swedish accordion tunes, Irish shanties, or tarantella rhythms. But if you're that demographic that needs a fix of Indian jazz/electronica - well, your day has finally arrived.

Bert Saraco

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