bright-portal-whittingtonA definite sound that blends several different instruments to create a unique sound showing the artist's creativity.

Bright Portal
Artist: Chris Whittington
Vox Dei Music

I was unsure what to expect when I placed the Bright Portal album in my player. I had never heard any music by Chris Whittington before, but I was quickly taken through a portal of new musical experience.  Pardon the pun, but in a sense it is true.  This EP has a distictive sound showing the artist's creativity.  He blends several different instruments, from the typical guitars, bass and drums to trombones, saxophones, mandolins, violins, bloogle tubes, harmonicas, and so much more, to create a unique sound, complete with vocals and lyrics that will have you singing along.

It doesn't take very long to realize that this album is Chris Whittington's version of a worship album, and it's a good one.  The first song, "Sing With All The Saints in Glory," has a very energetic folk sound that is easily identified as hymn-like in character. The album flows smoothly to the second track, "Coram Deo," which is a little more mellow but the harmonica in the background really catches your attention. Most of the time when a musician inserts this little hand held instrument it is a distraction to the song, however, in this case it actually adds to the quality of the sound. It enhances the song as a whole, as do all of the instruments put to use in the recording of this album. "Love Again," the third track, mellows out even more- except for the soft, building guitar riffs in the background. That is a particularly amazing element, one is drawn through the emotions of a ballads, while at the same time feeling the energy from fast paced songs.  Masterfully put together, it draws the listener in, demanding repeat listens. The fourth track, "Love is Come," is easily the best offering on the album, leaning more on a '70s rock sound but still holding a folk rock feel with a very catchy chorus. Bright Portal ends with a very mellow song, "Fill the Temple," a reminder that when we seek the things of this life, we will remain unsatisfied, until we seek God first and find satisfaction in Him.

Overall, this is a good listen.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear what Chris Whittington offers on Bright Portal.


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