pick-of-the-monthrobvischer meanttoloveRob Vischer has a voice that makes you remember the style of the 1970’s.

Meant To Love

Artist: Rob Vischer
Accompanying Musicians: Jake Rye, lead guitar, bass, synth, and percussion; Seth Huff, guitar and piano: Jeff Smith, guitar; Diana Ladio and Ali Haraburda, strings; Scott “Skipper” Gentry, percussion; Allie Goodnow, Jake Rye, background vocals.
Rob Vischer 8-88174-14961-5 (2014)
11 Tracks
Running Length: 40 minutes


Rob Vischer tells an interesting story of trying to break into the music business.  According to his information, by selling his old CD’s from door-to-door, restaurant to restaurant, he made over $800 in two days.  In singing live, the best money came from beauty salons ("…lots of women love a tall guy with a guitar and a decent voice.”)  He probably didn't recognize anyone there with their hair in curlers and cucumber facials. Today, it is different, and with awards coming his way (Holiday Discovery Artist 2012 from American Song Writer), this album is now out for the public.


Vischer’s lyrics appeal to your emotions and on some tracks, he sounds similar to the late John Denver, especially on “Meant To Love” and “Neon Mistletoe.” The opening song, “Love For A Lifetime,” is when you have “…love for a lifetime, thousands of moons and thousands of stars…” “Meant To Love” is done in folk singer style and you “gotta have faith” and “..on a small town street..God was still here.."  “DNA,” about the death of his grandfather, has “God opening my eyes” and the grandfather dying before meeting the singer’s bride.  “Airwaves & Envelopes” is a clever turn of phrase with mention of “across time zones…telegraphs and payphones.” “Neon Mistletoe” concerns snow on New Years Eve, in a softer style and when in love, “..every night is New Year’s Eve…like Easter in standard time.”  My favorite, and where I think Vischer sounds best,  is “Never Not Love You,” in a minor key and “..never let this lifetime slip away.”


Rob Vischer has a voice that makes you remember the style of the 1970’s. The lyrics are flowing and meaningful with just the right arrangements and accompaniment. Here is a rising artist.



Copyright 2014 Marie Asner


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