Lisa Weyerhaueser Caught In Time And Space as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth

Caught In Time & Place is just that, a rendering and memorial to a special musician now caught in a time and a place.



Lisa Weyerhaeuser – Caught In Time & Space
Artist:            Lisa Weyerhaeuser
Label:            Lisa Weyerhaeuser
Release Date: September 7, 2013
Duration:        20 tracks, 1:19:36

Caught In Time & Place is just that, a rendering and memorial to a special musician now caught in a time and a place. Lisa Weyerhaeuser’s path often crossed with the now deceased early CCM artist Larry Norman. Both an inspiration and mentor, Norman often collaborated with Weyerhaeuser. In this release, Weyerhaeuser pays tribute to Norman’s gifts.

Norman, his brother Charles, and other CCM artists grace the collection with original recordings from 1988 through 1991 on the first half of the album. Interestingly, the first half of the album has original performances both electric and poppy while the last half provides acoustic versions of most of these songs with Rex Carroll of King James and Whitecross accompanying Weyerhaeuser.

Of the original recordings, “Closest Friend” maintains a strong pop beat, “Keeper Of The Clock” has a Beatles-like rhythm, and “Psalm 42” has tight vocals sounding like an ‘80s new wave ballad with good harmony, backing guitar and synth.

Norman classics conclude the original recordings with “Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation” a 50’ish teen anthem, “Great American Novel” with guitar, bass, percussion and vocals much like a politically influenced mid-60s Byrds ballad, and “UFO” showing the best of offerings being both slow and direct with the addition of strings giving a wonderful touch. “Politically Correct” rounds out the original recordings with barn stomp background and solid lyrics.

The acoustic pieces give a heartfelt rendering to the original recordings with “Psalm 42”, “Get Away”, “Closest Friend”, and “This Is My Prayer” being highlights. The latter being a great stage for Weyerhaeuser’s vocals.

There are times we must look back to clearly see what is in front of us. Hopefully, this is true for Weyerhaeuser. May she find inspiration in her relationship with Norman to shine in her future.


Scott S Mertens


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