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arthur-alligoodKenny Hutson, touring member for VoL and Over the Rhine, sweetens up
songs from Arthur Alligood, with fine results.

The co-writer of “Don’t Stop Believing” gives us an album with plenty of heart, but a mass of forgettable and frustrating songs. If you can remember many of these ten minutes later, I’d be surprised.

captain Beefheart parisCaptain Beefheart - and the night that people danced to "Floppy Boot Stomp" and got rowdy during a composition about dust...

While these themed cover songs come from such a wide range that not all will be favourites, Poulton’s re-working is fresh, full of verve – and occasionally miraculous.  

1 Girl Nation - 1 Girl Nation 90 x 90For those about to power pop: we salute you!

3RDEGEE3RDEGREE is a prog band that's musically very sound, with hints of metal, strong melodies, complex but solidly-structured song composition and, yes – hooks. Ones & Zeros Volume 1 has it all, along with some great vocals.

3WBNew music by any combination of Winans is always exciting – here's a new one by Marvin, Carvin, and BeBe...

This impressive ‘70s-leaning début is not particularly fashionable music, but it is stuffed with fine songwriting, refreshing lyrics and an original spirit.

77S triplecorner90The 77s deliver up more than a simple trifecta of rock 'n roll – these five CDs are a musical archeological dig!

Seventy Sevens Sticks and Stones as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth. Re-visit a classic album. Hear unreleased demos. The 77s jamming, live. Great packaging. Do you need this? Yeah – you do.



Succeeds on a level that old school rockers can appreciate.

ahtduThis is one of the few times that I’ve given a black/death metal CD a chance and actually enjoyed it to the point of not wanting to claw at my ears.

abandonAbandon's Control gets the re-mix treatment on four songs (including one from a very unexpected source), swelling the original to 17 tracks...

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