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55 Years Into A New Nation

Biutiful as reviewed by The Phantom TollboothBardem is masterful as he struggles to redeem a life in Barcelona’s underworld.









blackmassIf No One Sees It, It Didn't Happen

BluejasmineThe Scent Of Despair



BkuLikeBlue Like Jazz does indeed offer some degree of resolution but doesn't deliver its messages tied in neat little ribbons and bows. No sucker-punches here, although there are a few body-blows... will you feel like a sucker for handing over a hard-earned sawbuck-plus to see this film?

BluelikejazzthemovieeditedBlu-ray Like Jazz... the film incarnation of Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz comes to Blu-ray disc.

BluelikejazzthemovieeditedBlue Like Jazz provides something better than quick resolve: the beginnings of a genuine faith.

Climbing The Ladder

bravetownIf Step Up and Goodwill Hunting had a baby it would look a lot like Bravetown.

Settling The Estate

breakthWe start to die when we are born. It is inevitable.

breakthNew developments in science and health lead to fascinating breakthroughs.


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