The Phantom Tollbooth

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Since 1996

whenthegamestandstallLike all films, yes, it is a metaphor for life and what sort of person will we be when our “game” stands tall.

whiplashBlood on the Cymbals

Fancy tracing your family history back to Adam and Eve? Here’s your chance.

wildGo Above Your Nerve

wildAs with most films that follow one character throughout you want something for them to interact with.

Coffe with...Coffee With Jesus will make you laugh, it will make you think, it will sometimes take you by surprise – but it's consistently brilliant.

Spider On The Snow

wintertaleMovies based on well written books are often the hardest to get right.

Couric explores the world of sound and technology, particularly as it affects young brains---early childhood and into young adult hood. 

This taut, dark and deep adaptation of Agatha Christie’s short story adds real flesh.

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