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The Tunelas reviewed in the Phantom TollboothPlenty tunnelled out, but one group tried to tunnel back in. This different kind of 'Left Behind' drama follows their audacious plan.

The Two Faces of January movie poster. Fans looking for a movie that has the look and styling of those 1940’s/50’s thrillers will be pretty satisfied with The Two Faces of January.

Who Is Coming To visit?

Another thriller, but this time from the Hitman’s angle of being hired and then having to figure out who is the target.  

thevisitThere is always a concern when watching an M. Night Shyamalan (Writer/Director) film

vowOk guys, listen up. You have had 51 weeks since last Valentine’s Day to think of something special to do. Yet once again you have waited until the last minute.

thewalkThere is much about THE WALK to enjoy and be inspired by.

People may be taking notes for the next April Fool’s Day.

For The Love Of Words

TheWindrisesHow To Stay In The Air

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