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For The Love Of Words

TheWindrisesHow To Stay In The Air

wordsWhat limits would you go to in order to be a success in your chosen profession?

Why did Sorrentino want to make this sumptuous series?  Shock, shame or serious story?

thin-iceJust skating along through a normal Wisconsin winter.

 Actress of the moment Huppert is stoic as she is caught between two stages of her life.

Think Like a Man as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothIt is solidly written and seldom takes the low road to delivery hilarity for both sexes.

This Boys Life 90Veteran and newcomer shine equally brightly in this tale of claustrophobic life in a small town.

thismeanswarI enjoyed the Spy vs. Spy cartoons in Mad Magazine when I was a kid. Sort of like the new film, This Means War.

thorIt’s hammer time.

thorWho Can You Trust?

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