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actsofgodDon't Grieve Alone

admI wanted more laughs and less emoting.

Africa United as reviewed in Phantom TollboothAn uplifting, action-packed, 3,000 mile road movie – on foot


africiancatsI cried and laughed; often at the same time. The thing about live nature documentaries is you have to take the good with the bad. I was worn out by the time it was over.


afterearthI think movie audiences are ready to forgive M. Night Shyamalan for The Happening, The Last Airbender, and anything else that isn’t The Sixth Sense.

albert-nobbs Close is nearly indescribable in this role. Not just from the physical transformation but also from the way she carries her character. She engulfs this role and delivers a memorable, award worthy performance.

The vibrant colors and exaggerated characters instantly attract you

AS and D 90This is one that you want to hear over and over, knowing that it will be an experience that gets deeper with successive plays.

Long, Long Ago

American HustleHow The Game Is Played

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