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23blastSome films, regardless of content or quality, should inspire you to get over yourself and do something amazing.

3daystokillThe Wry Side Of Life

A Puzzle To Solve



The Waltz Of Memory

5flightsupThough a dramatic film there are lots of light hearted moments and some comedic characters.

50 50 as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothLanguage! A genuine look at a painful subject.

Another Viewpoint

Before Reality TV was a genre, there was 7 Up, originally broadcast as a TV special. Is this one of the greatest documentary series ever made?

Should be required viewing for people who still think the Covid-19 virus is either a hoax and some minor illness

A Boy Called Sailboat is a quirky, low-key film that draws you into its own particular world - and it just might do you well to visit.

Jump For Joy




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