The triology on finding God in unusual places and seeing what the power of God can do draws to a close.
Father of Lights Documentary DVD
Commentaries:  Darren Wilson, Robby Dawkins, Todd White, Deena and Mike Van Hult, Heidi Baker, Ravi, Matthew Brandt, Mike Bickle, Mahid el Shafia, Todd White and Randy Clark
Director/Scriptwriter: Darren Wilson
Composer: Matt Bilon with “Father of Lights by Jesus Culture
Documentary DVD
Wanderlust Productions 2012
Rating: No rating but could be PG 13 for themed material
Running Length: 98 minutes
Father of Lights is the third, and final, film of writer/director Darren Wilson’s work on finding God in unusual places and seeing what the power of God can do. The first film, Finger of God (2007), began the journey around the world from China to Eastern European gypsies. The second film, Furious Love (2010) continued the trek, this time delving into New Age, Witchcraft and heroin addicts.
Father of Lights continues going to unusual places and meeting unusual people. Countries included are the U. S., India, China and Israel. We meet evangelists from all walks of life and see what happens when they decide to meet a certain person because God told them to and how that person responds. We begin by meeting Ravi in India, who calls God “Daddy” and even takes on witch doctors, using God’s words. Los Angeles has interviews with Jaeson Mu, Shawn Bolz and Andrew Womack. Venice Beach encounters are with the “fire and brimstone” groups that preach damnation if you don't obey God’s word. The filmmaker decides being a Christian means you love this group, too.
Three days in Chicago and Jesus Culture 1000 kids in attendance, who go through Chicago praying for people. In one instance, a street band even gives a kid a microphone so he can be heard. Also, there is a meeting with Sam, a general in the Chicago Chapter of the Latin Kings. Sam gives a revealing portrait of street life and drive-by shootings, but after having people pray for him, leaves his former life and, weeks later, is seen working with youth. He looks like a different man.
China has Deena and Mike Van Hult, who had a calling to sell everything they had and go to China with their three small children. They had faith that this was the right thing to do. Now, they have the Loaves & Fishes International Ministry and a home for disabled children. Back to Ravi in India, who had a dream about finding a man with an orange robe, beard and orange turban in a certain marketplace. He finds him, only to see that the man is a Holy Man, who is surprised, as he, too, had a dream about someone looking for him. They pray together in a quiet place, and the Holy Man is now a convert, seemingly stunned as how this came about.
In Israel, there is Todd White, a gregarious man, who prays for a man with a bad back, and has the man walk again. A second man has a sore leg and he is prayed for, too, with equal results. What happens when the filmmaker's group wants to enter the Dome of the Rock, not open to tourists since 2003, is an eye-opener.
Darren Wilson certainly knows how to get the audience’s attention and the movie rolls along with one prayer and revelation after another. You don't have to have seen the first two films in order to comprehend his pathway. If you believe in God, then say it and pray it and your life will change for the better. He comments that it is “…harder to love one’s own family and easier to love a stranger.”  For people like Todd or Ravi, no one is a stranger. The film may jolt you out of complacency if you haven't prayed at all, prayed infrequently, or decided God just wouldn't listen now, He’s too busy. See what unfolds before you here.  As is stated in the film, “God is Father of Light, Jesus is the Light of the World, we must carry that Light.”
Production values are good with a strong soundtrack to propel travels along. DVD contains trailers including a cartoon for “Anointed Fights” and boxer Ken Shamrock, plus it can be heard in a variety of languages including Chinese, Czech, Polish and Portuguese.
Copyright 2012 Marie Asner
A complimentary copy of “Father of Lights” was provided by Biscuit Media.

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