School Hi-Jinks

The Crusades
Stars: Rudy Pankow, Khalil Everage, Ryan Aston, Indiana Massara, Ashley Nicole Williams Anna Maiche, Blaine Maye, Nicholas Turturro and Greg Davis, Jr.
Director: Leo Milano
Scriptwriters: Jack Hussar, Shaun Early and Leo Milano
Composers: Evan Pinter and Jacob Schweitzer
Cinematography: Dillon Schneider
Bad Little Thing/VMI Worldwide
Rating: possible strong PG 13
Running Length: 102 Minutes

Just in time for summer laughs comes “The Crusades.” No, this is not another Indiana Jones film, but refers to a catholic school called Our Lady of the Crusades. This lady has to have patience, indeed, but the students do hi-jinks as easily as eating a meal. Every school has to have a rival and here it is in St. Matthews. As you can imagine, there are pranks back and forth going on for years. This particular storyline has the two schools possibly merging to the horror of the students who have always been rivals. What makes the film lesser is the loudness of the soundtrack by Evan Pinter and Jacob Schweitzer. 

We start with Sean (Khalil Everage from “Cobra Kai”), Leo (Rudy Pankow from “Outer Banks”) and Jack (Ryan Ashton)  getting into trouble. They are Crusades students. The story unfolds as they are prepping one student for a fight with, of all things, a deaf student from St. Matthew.  Things don’t go well, the police show up and everyone runs helter-skelter. Someone uses a small bicycle as an escape move, but accidentally breaks the leg of a girl, Ryan (Ashley Nicole Williams from “No Way Out”). Her boyfriend, Vince (Blaine Mayo) is out for revenge. With this going on, there is also an attraction between Leo and the Italian teacher, Ms. Kerpial (Anna Maiche.)

As far as the plot line goes, it is OK for a summer film of kids and their schools. Anyone who has attended high school and had a rival school to contend with, will understand hi-jinks, revenge, and trying to get girls to like you or girls trying to get boys to like them. In the meantime, the actors playing adult roles, such as Nicholas Turturro as the coach with advice, or Greg Davis, Jr. as the Dean or Anna Maiche as the high school teacher can do humor with ease.  

The film tries, perhaps too hard, missing the mark half of the time. It borders on burlesque rather than teenage. Being a teenager is tough and “Crusades” shows you students who thrive on getting away with things and an intrusive soundtrack. If you see this film in the afternoon, you may forget it by evening.

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