New Address

Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey
Narrator: Franklin Graham with comments from Jean Graham, Melvin Graham, Charlie Gibson, George Beverly Shea, Tom Brokaw, Ruth Graham, Ned Graham and Gigi Graham
Directors: Vonda Harrell and Daniel Camenisch
Photography: Tracy Eakes
Virgil Films
Running Length: 72 minute
No rating but could be G
DVD has additional features including Billy Graham’s funeral and a classic sermon “God Loves You”

The Reverend Billy Graham is quoted as saying that when he dies, things will be the same, only he will have a change of address. When this Evangelist passed away in 2018, he was almost 100 years old and had spent most of his life as a preacher…and his address is now changed. 

This documentary on the life of Billy Graham has the high points of his life, rapidly going through the years. This is the man who talked personally with Presidents, but came from humble beginnings. Living on a dairy farm in North Carolina, Billy did not like farm work.  During his teen years, he went to hear the noted Preacher Mordecai Ham, and after several services during Ham’s time there, went forward to sincerely receive religion. From that time on, through the Florida Bible Institute and beyond, Billy found he had a calling.  Though not always comfortable giving a sermon, he persevered and you know the rest---became the most widely known of all Evangelists during his time. 

Billy Graham married Ruth Bell Graham in 1943. Beginning in 1945, Billy became a Youth for Christ Evangelist. As their family grew, Billy was away from home more and more on the Crusades, and Ruth kept the family grounded. It was when William R. Hearst gave the nod to publicize Billy Graham’s Crusades, that Graham’s popularity went to the top and stayed there. I often wondered how Billy could remember so many Bible passages and, in the film, he tells of taking Bible after Bible and pasting those Scripture passages into his notes. 

In film clips, you see Billy Graham traveling abroad, meeting with Heads of State and always offering the Gospel to everyone. Narrated by Franklin Graham, we go through Billy’s life, and eventually, his passing with clips of his funeral process. 

This DVD could be a memento of a great Preacher or a Bible study for groups who want encouragement.  It is slightly more than an hour in length and, in addition, has sections on the funeral, a famous sermon and other items of interest. 


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