We now know what happened at the end of Episode One, and you thought only a soap opera could have a cliffhanger ending?

National Geographic Channel 2016 TV Series "Mars"
Episode 2: Grounded

The Last Mile

We now know what happened at the end of Episode One, and you thought only a soap opera could have a cliffhanger ending? Now, the crew has to walk to a substitute home, which is an old Russian supply area. They have to carry supplies and can't live in Dadeleus because of constant space radiation. In new quarters, their health is assessed, while on Earth, locating a new base for the Mars residents has been taken care of, but every ten minutes, as a new transmission comes, everyone holds their breath for fear of having a new dilemma to solve. Who would have thought.....?

So traveling to Mars and actually living there are two different things. It’s like Robinson Caruso landing on his island. “I made it....now what?” Being inventive comes to be a state of mind as does taking care of your health. No friendly drugstore around the corner on Mars. The crew has to meet challenges that may seem surmountable, but they forge ahead. Pioneers all the way.

Once again, production values are high, plus the soundtrack could be an entity by itself. On Earth, we get information on Scott Kelly, who lived for one year on the International Space Station, while his brother was on earth. Physicians checked their vitals to see what was happening to Scott, such as loss of calcium. He says it is like being in bed for eight months. We also see scenes of the Challenger flight and that the “future doesn't belong to the faint-hearted, but to the brave.” When Scott comes back to Earth, he says it is “like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel while on fire.” While back on Mars? Another cliff-hanger. I'm ready to sit by my television set with a First-Aid Kit now.


*National Geographic Channel TV Series “Mars” is part fiction of the first human crew to cross the void between Earth and Mars and try to live on the red planet. One part of each episode concerns the crew and their adventures, while the other part is back on Earth with reactions to what happens to the crew. We also have comments from Elon Musk, who is the originator of the SpaceX that tries to retrieve the rocket that is expelled from the take-off of the rocket. This is to limit cost. There are six episodes in this series. The first episode, “Novo Mundo,“ has the take-off of the rocket ship “Daedalus” and elation on Earth at this success. The first 50-minute episode airs on Monday, November 14, 2016 on the National Geographic Channel and continues through Monday, December 19, 2016. Director is Everardo Gout. Composers are Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Cinematographer is Damian Garcia. The cast for the fiction section includes Oliver Martinez, Alberto Ammann, Ben Cotton, Kata Sarbo and Nicholas Wittman.
Episode 1 (November 14, 2016)
“The Uprooted”
Episode 2 (November 21, 2016)
Episode 3 (November 28, 2016)
“Pressure Drop”
Episode 4, (December 5, 2016)
Episode 5,December 12, 2016
“Darkest Days”
Episode 6 (December 19, 2016)



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