What is the meaning of an apocalypse

Story of God: Episode 2 - Apocalyptic Events
From the Six-Part National Geographic Series, Episode Two: Apocalypse

Narrated by Morgan Freeman
Running Length: 50 minutes
No rating given, but could be PG 13 for sacrifice scenes

Episode Two of “The Story of God” begins with Morgan Freeman sitting at a desk with coffee and a crossword puzzle. Outside, headlines would say the world is in trouble. Freeman heads to Jerusalem and a study of “The End of Days,” and how this is tied in with Jerusalem-Christianity-Muslim religions. It seems in certain areas of Jerusalem, not only was the Herodian Temple Mount (shown in graphics) of 20 BC a holy place, but it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. When it is rebuilt, there may be peace. Also, Muhammad descended to heaven in a certain spot in Jerusalem and Jesus ascended into heaven from the nearby Mount of Olives. There is also mention of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Morgan Freeman heads to Rome and research tells us that the number of the Beast---666---is thought to have meant the late Roman Emperor, Nero, as shown in his name. Then, back in New York City, Freeman speaks to a man, who is a Muslim, and prophesies. He says that powerless people feel helpless, which is fertile ground for Isis.

The idea of Dooms Day appeals to some people, but actually predicting it is another. Going back to the Mayan civilization, their calendar actually restarted every 400 years, and this was only one cycle with many cycles, so technically the cycles could go into eternity. India and Hindu believers say an apocalypse comes every few million years and this leads to a new beginning.

In America, Hurricane Katrina was thought to be an apocalyptic event and Freeman interviews people who went through this hurricane with sounds of the wind, water rising that was filled with snakes and alligators. During that story, billions of gallons of water went through broken levees. One couple interviewed went through this horrific event to come out on the other side, filled with hope and even began their own church. Something they had never thought of doing before this event.

An “Apocalypse” means something different to each person. Some think it is the end of everything, while others think of it as something to live through and “lift the veil”. A Day of Judgment still holds for many. I was surprised at the wealth of information here including Jerusalem, Hindu in India and of Isis. Questions were direct and elicited direct answers. Whether you think of Apocalypse or End of Days or Day of Judgment, there is something here for you. No mention was made of the Holocaust, however.

“The Story Of God” is a six-part weekly series on The National Geographic Channel, Sunday evenings and began April 3, 2016. This will be shown on National Geographic Channels in 171 countries, in 45 languages and in Spanish on Nat Geo Mundo. Each 50-minute episode is a separate study of faith and a belief system going from the ancient Mayans to Christianity, Judaism, Hindu and Muslim. Actor Morgan Freeman is the narrator and interviewer in the series. The first episode was “Afterlife.” Episode Two: "Apocalypse" and what is the meaning of an apocalypse? Future episodes will be “Who Is God?” (April 17), “Creation” (April 24), “Evil” (May 1) and “Miracles” on May 8. No rating, but could be PG 13 for subject matter including human sacrifice and the Crucifixion.. Production values are first rate, including the soundtrack.


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