imiationgameIt is a solid film that tells a unique story based around a very fascinating inpidual.

The Imitation Games

There is little doubt that Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the best actors of late. He is focused on his characters and gives all he has to make sure the roles deliver. He is so excellent in his performance on the BBC series Sherlock that it only made sense that he bring the true story of Alan Turing to life in The Imitation Game, mainly due to the fact that both persons are socially awkward and have little or no filter.


The movie is set in the middle of World War II and the Germans have a machine they use to create code words that relay instructions for military missions. It is called the Enigma. If the Allies could only break the code they could easily end the war. Enter Allan Turing (Cumberbatch), a mathematician and logician who is as brilliant as he is annoying to work with. He has a plan to break the code but only by his rules. He creates a crackpot team which includes Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley) and Hugh Alexander (Matthew Goode). The clock is ticking, literally.


There are some interesting side plots to this movie. Alan Turing was a gay man in a time when you could be arrested for such actions. He had to hide his sexual preferences from those he worked the closest with. This aspect of the film never overshadows the real thrills of breaking the Enigma code. With pressure from the British government, and the Germans getting closer to victory he has to prove his theory will work.


Cumberbatch is perfect in his performance but many might say that is because it very much resembles Sherlock. The way his mind works, the way he says things that are insulting but to him are just fact, and his ability to focus so intently on something that all else fades away. The supporting cast work well together and no one stands out as better or worse. They give what you would expect to receive. The history lesson in this film is also a good reason to see it. It was such a pivotal part of WWII and the Enigma machine is intriguing.

The Imitation Game is rated PG-13 for some sexual references, mature thematic material and historical smoking. Anyone under 13 would be bored to tears so don't even bother wondering if they can see it. It is a decent date night film or for a group outing. The film is devoid of any crude elements or anything that would offend. It is a solid film that tells a unique story based around a very fascinating individual.


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