Love Punch movie poster. A smart caper film that harkens back to the classics.

We are seeing more adventure style caper films geared toward and starring those of an “older” generation. Some scripts have worked and others have simply been embarrassing. The latest comedy THE LOVE PUNCH mixes in enough romance and wit to make it a strong all around date night film; for couples willing to embrace the idea of revenge and to laugh at the ills of growing older. Smart direction and onscreen chemistry from the actors also help this one stand out.

Richard (Pierce Brosnan) and Kate (Emma Thompson) are a divorced couple who get along, barely. When a ruthless business executive swindles them out of their retirement money they have to put aside all past differences to try and recover it. This will involve world travel, undercover antics, and a jewel heist of epic proportion. Along the way they discover that maybe they are a good fit and might be able to make a go as a couple.

Emma Thompson reminds us here just how funny and delightful she can be. We get a taste of it in all her roles but in this one she seemed even more relaxed and comfortable. This allows her to excel at her craft. Brosnan surprisingly is a good fit for her. The pairing might seem odd in theory but onscreen is very endearing and believable. The play off each other nicely and seem to both be having a grand time with the characters.

Supporting Richard and Kate on this heist are old friends played by Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie. These familiar British faces only enhance the comedy that is already there. At times they seem to be having their own side story that never gets in the way or muddles things. This has to do with the fine story line and light dialogue that moves at a good pace. As it should be, you hate the bad guy and strongly root for the underdogs. The injustice that is apparent, especially to the older viewers, only heightens that need for revenge. Writer/Director Joel Hopkins drew from some of the early films like The Pink Panther and even Roman Holiday. This bit of nostalgia feels at home in this one. It doesn’t try to overdo anything but allows the actors to act and the scenes to play.

THE LOVE PUNCH is rated PG-13 for some sexual content, language and rude humor. The language is prevalent and those easily offended might be distracted by it. The jokes are at times cheeky and there are many references to growing old and the toll it takes on the body. I would not consider any of it crude but again be aware that the dialogue isn’t PG or kid friendly. Again it is a perfect date night choice for the right couple. And you know who you are. If you haven’t been to the movies since Roman Holiday you might be a bit taken aback. But if you love the actors and want to see them at their best, then by all means at least rent it. I give it 3.5 out of 5 bathroom breaks. Thompson alone is worth the viewing.

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