Box-office was actually down in 2022, and there were fewer films to review

Best Films of 2022 Compiled By Marie Asner 

Box-office was actually down in 2022, and there were fewer films to review. It costs money to make a motion picture and the money is not always available in today’s economy. The films out there would have a hard time beating Tom Cruise and “Top Gun: Maverick.”  Close behind is James Cameron and his next “Avatar” film, which opened during the 2022 Christmas holidays. Many movie fans don’t go to theaters, but prefer cable TV or streaming as options. The theaters that are open would have a narrow window of hours, concentrating on the weekends. This is a new world, indeed. Fans around the country who have Monday or Tuesday off, would have gone to a movie theater, but no more. Not Open. Here’s hoping 2023 will bring fans back to theaters, popcorn and sodas.  

Here is my list of The Best Movies of 2022 listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy. 

Avatar: The Way Of Water---Be prepared for a long movie, but it will hold your attention. Director/writer James Cameron brings back the characters from the earlier “Avatar,” and weaves an intricate story. Spectacular special effects. Stars Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver. 

Babylon---does remind one of “Mank” of a few years ago in that it is both a revealing of old Hollywood and what lies beneath that is not pretty. Another longer film told by someone who wants to be tops in Hollywood and doesn’t know how. Stars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie. 

Elvis---Austin Butler does Elvis’s top-notch here and the music, of course, is wonderful. Tom Hanks as the Colonel almost steals the film. Your feet will be tapping.

EO---a foreign film from Poland and written around the adventures of a donkey who goes from owner to owner. Great sound track, camera work and storyline. Bring handkerchief. 

Good Night Oppy---this documentary is about putting the little rovers on surfaces away from Earth, and expect them to fade away from lack of power and just stay there. Well, here comes Oppy (short for Opportunity, described as female) who lasts and lasts and lasts for 15 years (you read that right.)  The amount of information given to the experts is enormous. This film is not really a documentary as such, it is a tribute to something left behind and scientists who really have a heart. 

Reflection---A Valentyn Vasvanonyel film from the Ukraine who gives us the story of a man who goes into war for his country and comes back to chaos. Stars Roman Lutskyl. 

The Batman---Robert Pattinson from the former vampire films, has given us a “Batman” who is an enigma. Good acting and the characters from Batman comics complete the film. 

The Fabelmans---Steven Spielberg does it again with a film that is much like his life as a boy and young man. Growing up in a house with parents who don’t get along, and each has their way of retreat. This leaves it wide open for the young boy to take a camera and start filming for his creative pursuit. Judd Hirsch steals his scenes. 

Till---a gripping film on what happened to Emmett Till and the grime news that tears his family apart. Danielle Deadwyler, as Emmett’s mother, takes over the film. 

Top Gun: Maverick---fasten your seatbelts and prepare to take off with Tom Cruise and the cast of this move that fans are calling for yet another chapter in this film of pilots who have no fear and fly where anyone would not go. Full jets ahead. Spectacular action and filming. 


The Worst Films of 2022 Compiled by Marie Asner 

The year 2022 has a variety of topics for Worst Films, and these include space aliens, puppets and daredevils. The latter has Johnny Knoxville who not only acted in “Jackass Forever,” but tried to go into professional wrestling at the time the film was released. Does “forget it and retire” mean anything?  

I have listed my choices for Worst Films of 2022 in alphabetical order. 

Don’t Worry, Darling – An Olivia Wilde film about living in an imaginary world. Should have stayed there. Stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. 

Honk For Jesus – the word “religion” has no meaning here, and amateur acting is prevalent. Stars Daniel Kaluuya and Regina Hall.

Jackass Forever – doing daredevil tricks for a laugh may seem like humor, but only to an audience of one, which is the star, Johnny Knoxville. 

Memory – Liam Neeson cranks out action films every six months and has an audience for them, but missed the boat on this one about a killer with Alzheimer Disease. 

Morbius – Jared Leto goes into the world of Marvel Comics and should have stayed away. . Meager plot. 

Nope – horses respond to space aliens? What next? Geese flying in outer space? 

Pinocchio (both versions) – leave well enough alone. The original of many years ago is still the classic. These two versions, within a few months of each. One has a version about Mussolini and the other awkward and dull. 

Scream – enough, and again, enough. The audience, if there is one, will start screaming back at the screen. Stars (the usual) Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, with Jack Quaid. 

The 355 – Jessica Chastain and cohorts work to get the bad guys. Ho hum. 

Thor: Love and Thunder – a disappointment with father, Chris Hemsworth and his real-life daughter, portraying the gods and failing in their cinema attempt.  No thunder applause. 

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