“Indie Films” means those who forge ahead and hope for the best.

Best Indie Films I Have Reviewed in 2022 Compiled by Marie Asner 

In the motion picture business, the term “Indie Films” means those who forge ahead and hope for the best. In today’s world, financing is a priority as well as finding the best cast for your film. Filming can be short and in days, or long as in years, before the film is complete. Location can be anywhere or a specific area and then you wait until you can have that space. This happens around the world and my choices for 2022 reflect such times as warfare and disappearances. There are a variety of topics for 2022 and my choice of Best Indie Films I have seen are listed in alphabetical order. 

Diary of a Spy--the story of a woman who is supposed to kill a man but the unusual happens. Active soundtrack. Stars Tamara Tyler. Rated R. 

Reflection – A film from the Ukraine in which a medical doctor is in wartime, but comes home to not what he expected. Emotional moments. Stars Roman Lutskyl. Rated R. 

6 Years Gone – A missing child completely turns life around for a woman and her ex-husband. What happened?  What to do? Stars Veronica Jean Trickett. Rated PG 13. 

The Decision – Just how far can you go in your family to protect someone who doesn’t want to be protected. Decisions must be made. Stars Omar Epps. Rated PG 13 

White Raven: Sniper – Based on the true story of a Ukrainian sniper who turns to the military to train him for revenge. How to hide. Stars Aldosyhn Paulo. Rated R 

Honorable Mention: Belle and Sebastian: The Journey Continues—a continuation of the book, tells the story of love between a boy and his dog in the European mountains during WWII, when danger was everywhere 

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