Under the Radar Phantom Tollbooth The show that features gourmet music from a wide range of artists is continuing on!



Under the Radar has been a constant beacon of quality undiscovered and under-appreciated music from Christian artists over many years. But on 10/11/14 after nearly six years of production and approaching 300 episodes, ReFrame Media the parent organization of Under the Radar was restructured and announced that the show was being canceled.

UTR is heard on over 240 radio stations and downloaded over 10,000 times a month. This potential loss would have been quite a blow to the listening audience, the artists, and the community that has grown up around it. Listeners who have heard artists and music they likely never would have heard, artists whose music was being shared in many cases on a scale not previously possible, and a thriving support community of both artists and listeners.

But the good news is: Under the Radar is not going away!

To initiate this re-launch effort a UTR Second Launch Concert took place on Thursday, Nov.20. This fundraising concert was live at Crosswinds Church in Chicago and streamed live on the internet. Featured artists were The Gray Havens, Eric Peters, Mercy Child, and Nick Flora.

Note that the entire concert is available for replay at http://supportUTR.com

Under the Radar Second Launch Concert

Dave Trout the producer and host of Under the Radar started releasing new episodes on January 8, 2015 and is continuing on with no end in sight!

The Phantom Tollbooth recommends support for this effort unique program featuring well crafted faith based music. If you would like to help Under the Radar and the restart effort you can do so here: Support Under the Radar

And note that Under the Radar is providing rewards for monthly supporters: UTR Rewards

To download podcasts go to the Under The Radar website. You can also visit the Under the Radar Facebook page.