popcornTen Best Films of 2013 are listed in alphabetical order:



All Is Lost---Robert Redford is at his prime alone at sea at the mercy of the elements
American Hustle---who is scamming who?
August: Osage County---death in the family brings out the worst in the living
Captain Phillips---Tom Hanks is hijacked at sea in a harrowing situation
Dallas Buyers Club---a how-to on helping the sick when government agencies won't
Gravity---Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are at the mercy of coldness of space
Lone Survivor---Mark Wahlberg experiences an ambush in Afghanistan
Nebraska---Bruce Dern as a aging man trying to regain some respect in his life
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug---continuation of the adventures of your book friends
The Wolf Of Wall Street---Leonardo Di Caprio and Jonah Hill bring scheming to life

Inside Llweyn Davis
---a Coen Brothers film with folk singer star and killer soundtrack
Saving Mr. Banks---Emma Thompson won't let “Mary Poppins” come to the screen

Ten Worst Films of 2013 are listed in alphabetical order:

After Earth---Will Smith and son cannot make lame script work
Austenland---Kerri Russell visiting theme park about Jane Austen turns raunchy
Closed Circuit---rehash of several PBS spy series

Hangover 3---enough liquor in script to melt screen
Kick-Ass 2---potty mouth teens try to fight crime
Las Vegas/The Family/R.I.P.D.---big name stars don't look at scripts before starting film
The Counselor---violent film of drug cartel meanders through scenes
The Getaway---fast car, fast driver, teen passenger and plodding villain
The Internship/Grown-ups 2/The Heat---let’s-make-a-movie-kit falls flat
World’s End---two movies in one and neither won

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