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Red Simpson and the Rock Doc as reported in  The Phantom TollboothIf you haven’t heard of Red Simpson, then you probably weren’t around during the heyday of the Bakersfield Sound, when Red was busy defining “the trucker song,” with a Capitol Records contract and a string of hits that began with a bang in the form of a top country hit called “Hello, I’m a Truck.” 

Cornerstone Fest08-90pxThe 2012 Christian music festival season offers more live music closer to fans than ever before. Here is a list to get you started.

hugo Winter 2012 and how to relieve winter doldrums, but see what 2011 Academy Award nominations are up for consideration.

26 2013 Faith Informed Albums

Buried in a lovely avalanche of great music:

26 Faith Informed Albums of 2013 Worth Listening To

bobbyjones-title An in-depth look at the 2013 top 25 Gospel chart-toppers.


chrismI consider 2014 one of the best years in music in quite a while.

Leigh Nash as interviewed in The Phantom TollboothThe voice of Sixpence None The Richer tells the Tollbooth about her new worship album - and shopping.

Month Colvin painting. Catching up with the driving force behind one of Geffen's rising stars. What was obliterated by Nirvana has found new meaning in new projects and hard questions.

An interview with Heaven is for Real's director Randall Wallace, Greg Kinnear, and Margo Martindale.

Tara-Leigh Cobble as interviewed in The Phantom TollboothTara-Leigh Cobble has released seven records and published two (soon to be three) books, but what she really loves is to meet the person who comes to her concert in need of a listening ear or an encouraging word.

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