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a title cardaRock and roll has had a sort of mini-tradition of successful, well-known musicians coming together to create new music that would, presumably, be a hybrid of the best that they brought to their former endeavors.

A STRYPER TITLE. Stryper played tight, robustly-performed versions of their songs, delivering exactly what the audience came to hear....

36 years into the life of this band, Stryper still delivers a dependably enjoyable night of music…

Swingle Singers group shot. An institution 50 years young is out on the road.

DSCF0551 B_OL90Switchfoot is a band at the top of their game, and seem to be in a very good place musically, and in general. They've fine-tuned their sound, crafted a good stage show, and are achieving good things in and out of the studio.

Switchfoot Live in Shepherds Bush as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothThe Vice Verses tour has so much great music to choose from as Switchfoot work their socks off for the crowd

Switchfoot in NYC as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothYes – you can get a free concert and a plate of ribs for breakfast if you're in the right place at the right time in New York City!


Finally, the two most influential vocal groups of the past several decades team up for a series of concerts - Take 6 and The Manhattan Transfer: The Summit....


Twenty-five years later, Take 6 is going strong at The Blue Note in NYC, with two shows a night for a week!



beach-boys-50thBeneath all the heartbreak, car songs, surfing, etc. lies what makes them a timeless band; desperate hopefulness.

The legendary Todd Rundgren was a welcome addition to the planned festivities, especially since the Big Band’s new project features Palermo’s take on the music of Frank Zappa and the aforementioned Rundgren.

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