Burlap To Cashmere, Live at the Cup 'O Joy as seen on Phantom Tollbooth

A band and their audience could not be closer.

Burlap To Cashmere Live
July 3, 2015
Cup ‘O Joy music venue
Green Bay, Wisconsin

 The oversized van pulled up with smiling faces in the windows, band members piled out entering the Cup ‘O You with hugs and happy salutations prior to setup, sound check, and my interview with Steven Delopoulos – singer, songwriter and guitarist for Burlap To Cashmere (B2C).

As the house filled to capacity and the audience settled in, the band members took the stage with Delopoulos on lead vocals and backing guitar; Johnny Philippidis on lead acoustic and electric guitars, occasional percussion and backing vocals; Teddy Pagano on drums and percussion, Andres Ybanez on keys and Chris Anderson on bass.

This version of the band included keys to highlight material from the newly released album, Freedom Souls, which has heavier keyboard influence than past releases. The live performance had a big, new and exciting sound.

The track list included:

  1. ‘”Anybody Out There’” – a slow start steadily built momentum
  2. “Orchestrated Love Song” – the five piece band performed a big, big sound
  3. “Skin Is Burning” – Philippidis’ virtuoso guitar play stands tall
  4. “Forward To The Great I Am” – Pagano’s work lays a firm foundation, Delopoulos’ and Philippidis’ chemistry shines during play as they lean on each other, eyes closed and in flight with the song
  5. “I Will Follow” – electric guitar and synth play well together
  6. “Tonilou” – best live performance yet with electric guitar and keys
  7.  “Love Reclaims The Atmosphere” – Delopoulos’ vocals electric
  8. “Nehemiah (Build A Wall)” – a new live flavor due to spoken word and keys with sci-fi-like sound in background
  9. “Live In A Van” – occasionally country highlighted by a little chicken pickin’
  10. “Brain Fog” – big, dark sound with great electric guitar and keys / synth
  11. “Agape Mou” – acoustic guitar and synth play together as spoken word/poetry/prose set mood
  12. “Other Country” – American folk at its best
  13. “Tonight” - fantastic live, great bass and keys with acoustic guitar solo showing jazz sound / chords
  14. “Basic Instructions” – always a highlight showcasing Philippidis on guitar and additional percussion
  15. “Passover” – Delopoulos solos with great emotion
  16. “Another Day” – another Delopoulos solo from 2003 solo album ‘Me Died Blue’, electric
  17. ‘The Boxer” – Delopoulos and Philippidis shine with tight harmony, great cover of Simon & Garfunkel tune
  18. “Mansions” – the duo shows their chemistry
  19. “Dialing God” / “Dialing God Instrumental” – the poetry in “Dialing God” and the guitar work in “Instrumental” best portray the craftsmanship and chemistry both Delopoulos and Philippidis share

On this warm summer’s night outside of the concert venue the band met with all comers following the show. Greetings, congratulations on the new album, and many laughs continue well into the night. A band and their audience could not be closer.

See the interview with Steven Delopoulos and Freedom Souls album review in this August, 2015 edition of Phantom Tollbooth.


 Scott S Mertens

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