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2016 Under the Radar Free Sampler The best of 2016 Under the Radar without charge.

Behind the scenes, they are feeding an army.

 For most of the current century, going to church isn't what it used to be and LionHeart founder Tim Miller has the qualifications for such a time as this. 

Mimoco Obi-Wan as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth"Help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope of transferring all of this data from the PC to my Mac." If Princess Leia had carried a Mimoco flash drive, she wouldn’t have had to store the Death Star plans in a bulky R2 droid, sending it to a strange planet for safekeeping with a dusty old recluse.

Empire Earphones reviewed in The Phantom TollboothThere is more than one good reason to upgrade your iPod’s stock earbuds. The two most important are performance and comfort. Then there is style. . .

tpt 90pxAin't no commentary like a Jamie Lee Rake commentary. Here are his takes on current highlights of Country.

 Was the Milwaukee date of Samaritan Ministries' Midwest Grooves Tour a gospel concert or a festival of ecumenism? 

 Jamie Rake returns with wit and wisdom from an excursion deep into the weeds of musicland. He may not drain the swamp, but he will spare us the task by sharing the gems uncovered on his journey.

 The inimitable Jamie Rack dives deep into this summer's top dance numbers. "So, why write about it here? It could be argued that more than mere bars, taverns or saloons, dance clubs offer the most immersive analogue to church experience."

Record Store Day reported in The Phantom TollboothHello again. Welcome back. It's April and you know what that means. Two of the best days of the year appear this month. Yes, Easter is one of them. What's the other you say? You know it, Record Store Day.

tpt-90pxThe Crossing - April/May 2012

Let’s go over that again. May 2012. Here we are!

tpt-90px“No more hurting people. Peace.” – Martin Richard, age 8.

Can’t think of anything else to add. I think young Martin’s got it covered.

Well, just a few things…


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