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LiveForever mylonFrom singing gospel songs with his family to jamming with George Harrison - and eventually ending up cleaning toilets with purpose... Mylon's story.

michaellee An interesting introduction to Revolutionary War times and the strategy behind some of the battles

The Suicide of American Christianity - Michael D. LeMay book coverAn introduction to a litany of scourges on the church militant and a way to connect those dots.

imperviousA world that has been destroyed on the surface by a War and the remaining population live far underground.

Life Not Typical by Jennifer Shaw, as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth. Perfect is over-rated. True perfection is found through trials like these.

Little Black Sheep: A memoir by Ashley Cleveland. A compelling, raw, honest read from a big-voiced, tender hearted, woman in full.

These books would be a good movie/TV series

Be sturdy, reader, and forge ahead. Cailyn Lloyd writes with cliffhangers at the end of chapters. 

“Shepherd’s Warning,” a mystery/ghost story that spans centuries and each chapter is part of the mystery.



Displaying a masterful synthesis of research Karin Maag provides glimpses into what worship looked like during the reformed age. The focus is not on the contributions of women but it is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to read a female author who makes a valuable historical offering.

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