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Christ-CenterededitedA personal word or a unified message summed-up in Christ?

Gooder 90This lucid and concise biblical overview of heaven might help to de-mist the popular fog around this subject.

Transcending Mysteries 90 Getting beyond Jesus versus the God of the Old Testament

There are numerous books on the Beatitudes, but how often do you get to read one by a Church Father?

Fools Talk Recovering the Art of Christian PersuasionGuinness draws from some of the great minds of Christiandom ...and illustrates the potential pitfalls of 'cookie-cutter' evangelism that avoids not only real human interaction but the work of the Holy Spirit

Fools Talk 90It will never be enough to win an argument if we lose people.






No serious scholar should be without this masterful analysis.

This highly readable musical autobiography is a great read for more than just those few key Genesis years.

The book covers a lot of ground ...and is designed to appeal to a broad, visually-attuned audience

More reasons than I realized as to why I like a seemingly insignificant Old Testament book

Life and Witness PetereditedIn view of Christ's return, Peter espouses the witness of suffering.

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