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“I love you more than your mask” (Rich Mullins).

Diary of a Wimpy Kid as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothThe Wimpy Kid novels for tweens are becoming almost as popular as the "Harry Potter" book series. Harry dealt with  magic to overcome obstacles in his life, while Greg, the middle school hero of "Wimpy Kid", as to come up with ideas of his own.


Man on the Run 90

A realistic, non-critical, snapshot of a pivotal time in the life of a Beatle

duck commander 90 I don’t know much about Duck Dynasty, but I recognize a worthwhile devotional.

Author/photographer Rich Earl looks beyond the obvious and finds beauty and truth in environments that we too-often overlook or deem unimportant. This should give hope for the less pious - there is indeed a devotional for the rest of us!

 In The Hollow, Volume One - Winter

Rich Earl

In The Hollow: Autumn … offers not a roadmap but an invitation to look deeper, and in unexpected places.

A new series from Janet Evanovich. Will they have a winner?

A refreshing, thoughtful translation that helps readers see anew what can become overly familiar.

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