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adventThis Advent collection, you see, isn't quite what you would expect.

Lutheran Theology_90Martin Luther’s theology discerns between law and gospel.

The Academy Book CoverIf you like messy endings, this is the Christian fiction novel for you.

Grace in High Heels as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothFor women who aren't perfect, and can no longer hide it.

The Warden and the Wolf Keeper by Andrew Peterson.
The most successful Kickstarter campaign for fiction furthers a young adult saga. 

The reader is encouraged to find their own special way of making a difference and living out a faith that’s better seen than explained....

Passing on a vision of life with God

In the spirit of his namesake, Francis sees the interrelatedness of all things.

This commentary has an interesting take on blending scientific knowledge with a relatively literal approach to the text. So how do you understand Genesis?

countryfaithThis book really has something for everyone.




PH whiterGhostSkip the light fandango with author Henry Scott-Irvine as he unfolds the fascinating story of one of the most influential classic rock groups of all...

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