Desert High by Doug VanPelt as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothMild mannered Rock 'n' Roll magazine publisher by day, time travler by night. It is a tale well told and one that is well worth reading.

Desert High
Author: Doug VanPelt
Publisher: HM Press
Pages: 404

Doug Van Pelt is a multi faceted individual. He is an accomplished rock n roll musician and founding member of the band Lust Control. He is the world famous magazine publisher of HM Magazine guided by his musical expertise. He is also the writer of a book consisting of various interviews with highly respected rock 'n' roll artists. All of this though pales in comparison to Mr. VanPelt's latest achievement. Doug VanPelt works for a top secret government agency as a time traveler. I kid you not, Doug has been permission to share the story of one of the first, if not the very first, journey through time, the fourth dimension. What men like H.G. Wells only dreamed of, Doug VanPelt has indeed accomplished.

In his latest book Doug shares the story of his trip back in time on a secret mission to right a wrong that never should have happened. To correct the final score of a high school football game in which he played an integral part. In the book entitled Desert High we are told in vivid detail of Doug's trip through the fourth dimension back to the playing fields of his high school football teams final game during his senior year. We are given a very detailed account of the various accomplishments of the man and his team mates. Now to be very honest, I have never been a big sports fan. Anyone who knows me is aware that this body of mine was made for pursuits of the intellectual and not the physical. In all honesty I really don't care that much about sports at all. Yet the writing in this book kept me turning page after page to see just what would happen next. Despite myself I was drawn in to see what would happen to Doug and his team mates. It is a tale well told and one that is well worth reading.

What happens at the end of the mission? Does our hero save the day and more importantly does he make it back home safely? After all, HM Magazine would not be the same without its fearless leader. The only way to find out the amazing truth is to read Desert High and find out for yourself. I can only wonder whether the government will call on our intrepid hero for another mission and what it will entail?

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock

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