Grace in High Heels as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothFor women who aren't perfect, and can no longer hide it.

Grace in High Heels: Real-life reflections of humor, hope and healing
Shannon Perry

Grace in High Heels extends the budding conference-speaker career of Shannon Perry into the printed page, a lasting memento for her "If the Shoe Fits" conference attendees, and a fun, surprisingly deep, read for any woman seeking to spend time with an upbeat, well-tried Christian voice. Perry is quite accomplished, with a background in public school counseling. She is now a successful career in full-time ministry via singing, as a columnist for and many publications including Christian Women of Today, a conference speaker and now, a women's conference creator.

Jumping off from life experiences-some small, like a broken purse strap, some large, like a broken engagement, Perry opens up her life to readers with the hope they will be encouraged by the spiritual lessons her experience have taught her, and that hope is not in vain. Readers will find true spiritual wisdom and encouragement. The book is well edited and well written and well worth reading.