odenLooking for something a little new in your daily prayers?

Ancient Christian Devotional: Lectionary Cycle B (Ancient Christian Devotional Set) by Cindy Crosby and Thomas C. Oden

Publisher IVP

This book of weekly readings and reflections combines excerpts from the writings of the early church fathers.  There are fifty-two weeks of readings following the weekly lectionary - cycle C. Cycle C begins with the first Sunday in Advent, 2011. You can read through them in order or by thematic interest. With each reading you will also find a opening prayer, an Old Testament reading,  reflections from the Church Fathers, a Psalm, a New Testament readings, more reflections, a Gospel reading, more reflections based on the Gospel, and a closing prayer,

This is a wonderful devotional. The collection of writings from the church fathers is invaluable yet many of them are still very accessible. The devotional matches each reading from the Sunday lectionary with comments from the Church Fathers (and occasionally, Mothers). There are enough readings to make this a useful book of devotions for each day of the week but it follows closely to the Sunday mass lectionary used in the Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Church.

Shari Lloyd