The book covers a lot of ground ...and is designed to appeal to a broad, visually-attuned audience

The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times

Todd Hampson

224 pages

Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 978-0-7369-7279-6 (trade paperback)


Author, illustrator, and animation producer, Todd Hampton sets out in The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times, to make Old and New Testament prophecies concerning the harrowing last days scenario more user-friendly – not an easy task when you take into account things like pestilence, famine, earthquakes, war, etc. While these subjects are a lot less palatable than, let’s say, ‘consider the lilies of the field,’ they’re none the less important as we see signs unfolding before our eyes.


Clearly a gifted cartoonist and designer, Hampson has designed the book using colorful charts and one-panel cartoons.

The author’s cartoonish characterization of a somewhat clueless ‘end-time prophet’ serves to illustrate concepts from the scriptures as well as popular misconceptions. Throughout the text, alluded-to scriptures are also presented in a script-like font on yellow highlighted panels – a boon to those who would otherwise be frustrated by juggling a Bible while reading this book.


The book is broken into four parts: The Definition, Nature, and Importance of Bible Prophecy, The Key Building Blocks of Bible Prophecy, Important Sections and Categories, and a final summing up – So Where are we Now? The writing style is popular and non-intimidating (even though the nature of the subject matter might be). Hampson makes no bones about where he’s coming from (pre-trib, Tim LaHay view), but is careful not to belittle or insult those with degrees of different opinions.


Building his case starting with the reliability of scripture, illustrated by prophesies that have already taken place, Hampson lays out and compares scriptures dealing with the end times. From Daniel to words of Jesus, the author lays out a scenario of what’s gone before, what’s happening in our day, and what the future might hold. Of course, the book is evangelical in nature and makes sure to offer the reader an opportunity to accept Christ and thereby escape ‘the wrath to come.’


The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times is an unusual primer for those new to the idea of the end times, or for those who’ve shied away from tackling the book of Revelation. The book covers a lot of ground and is not a ‘serious’ in-depth study, but instead is designed to appeal to a broad, visually-attuned audience. Indeed, the sub-title, “Bible Prophesy for Everyone,” is a good description – as long as you can tolerate a bit of a humorous presentation of your apocalyptic studies.




  • Bert Saraco