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A Spoonful Of Grace: Mealtime Blessings in Bite-Size Pieces by Annette Hubbell, Credo House Publishers, LLC, Grand Rapids, Michigan. ISBN: 978-1-625860-66-8, 444 pages, 2017. Pb $14.94, Kindle  $7.99. 

Author Annette Hubbell is a multi-faceted actress and writer. Hubbell has gone past the traditional mealtime prayer of  “Thank You, Lord, Amen.” In this book, Hubbell has a Scripture verse, Grace prayer and Grace Notes (think small sermonette) on each page for each day of the year, plus she has utilized all 66 books of the Bible. The topics are pided into Everyday, Sunday, and the Special Graces that follow the yearly holidays of Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Christmas, and so on. It's like a mini-encyclopedia of Grace. 

Not only that, but if you happen to be invited to a meal of a home of a different denomination than yours---Jewish, perhaps---there are Graces here, also. For example on page 3, there is a quote from Proverbs 11:24 on being generous, with an accompanying Grace and Grace Notes. 

Passing judgment on people is a topic of another Grace, beginning with Romans 2: 1-2, “...for when you judge condemn yourself.”  Ending in the Grace Notes with a quote from the fifteenth century author, Thomas a’Kempis, about not being angry with trying to make others as you want them to be because you can't make yourself as you want to be. 

“A Spoonful Of Grace” is well written, well organized and has topics for every occasion. If you are an active speaker, this is something to keep on hand. If you like to have a reading for each day of the year, this book gives you something to ponder for the day.  If you want to teach members of your family that there are other words at meals than “Thank you, amen,” this paperback is of great assistance. Annette Hubbell has done a favor for families at mealtime and/or prayer time. 

Copyright 2017 Marie Asner