Death by hurricane?

Camino Winds
John Grisham
Publisher: Doubleday
Pages: 292

A book can take you places that you have never been. Camino Winds by John Grisham takes readers to Camino Island off the coast of Florida, lying in the path of Leo, a dangerous hurricane. The aftermath gives me glimpses of the arduous recovery required after disasters like this one. But that is just the setting for a death that could be more than just an accident from the storm.

This also took me into the world of books; a welcome, familiar habitat for me but nevertheless fascinating for the perspectives on Bruce Cable’s Bay Books, “a powerhouse on the national bookstore circuit.” Bibliophiles can rejoice that books and authors are in the background throughout. Cable and his bookstore are a focal point for the locals, including writers living on the island who are friends and those on the mainland who include it as a destination on their tours. In addition to Cable’s legitimate interests, he has some questionable dealings, which add intrigue.

Some of the relationships are a surprise, but I won’t say more to avoid giving anything away. These are more incidental than a focus but they succeed in adding depth to the characters, most of whom are likable. Of course, I can’t say that about the villains.

I imagine that this is a little different for Grisham as it is described on the jacket as a thrilling beach read. This is only the second book that I have read by him having associated him with legal thrillers. The crime and legal element plays a part but does not overshadow the relaxed, vacation-like setting.

I was not disappointed. The writing is excellent and the story has plenty of surprises. This, my first beach read, was a page turner. It took me into new worlds that were pleasant to inhabit.

Michael Dalton