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1. <span class="highlight">Bert</span> <span class="highlight">Saraco</span>
Bert Saraco
Created on 23 January 2016
2. EAT THAT QUESTION: Frank Zappa In His Own Words
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
A fascinating documentary about the controversial composer    
Created on 22 June 2016
3. A Boy Called Sailboat
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
A Boy Called Sailboat is a quirky, low-key film that draws you into its own particular world - and it just might do you well to visit.
Created on 17 January 2019
4. Ad Astra - self/titled
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Ad Astra is a Latin term meaning “to the stars,” and this strong debut certainly is paving the way to a bright future for this band in the prog universe…
Created on 25 July 2018
5. Akkerman, Jan - Close Beauty
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
…a gentle but powerful journey of musical invention.
Created on 15 November 2019
6. Altizer, Rick - Bread
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
When the wife’s a way, the men make Bread …at least Rick Altizer does. You’ll understand…..
Created on 18 July 2019
7. Amaral, Joe - Story in the Stars - Discovering God's Design and Plan for Our Univers
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
The question – and it’s a great one – that the author convincingly attempts to answer, is who named these constellations …and why?
Created on 14 December 2018
8. Arenius, Joakim and Praise Unit with Friends - Be The Plan
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
The album continues to get more and more interesting as it progresses and ends up being a solid soul/funk/jazz/gospel experiment…
Created on 15 January 2017
9. Avengers: Infinity War
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
A spoiler-free review of a triumphant cap-stone to the first decade of Marvel studio super hero films...
Created on 01 May 2018
10. Babb, Stephen R. - Skallagrim - Book One - In the Vales of Pagarna
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Babb writes with a finesse that bridges the gap between epic adventure-writing and poetry…
Created on 16 March 2022
11. Bainbridge, Dave - The Remembering (<span class="highlight">Saraco</span>)
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
The Remembering is an album of quiet, inspired moments. …zephyr-like melodies and motifs appear, disappear, and return again.                     
Created on 03 July 2016
12. Bainbridge, Dave - To The Far Away
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
A brilliant balance of vocal and instrumental tracks, To The Far Away will thrill and delight fans of both Celtic and ‘traditional’ prog-rock, and anyone open to more adventurous realms of music in general.  ...
Created on 27 October 2021
13. Brons, Dave - Based on a True Story
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Dave Brons goes for the gold on Based on a True Story…
Created on 01 August 2017
14. Brons, Dave - Not All Those Who Wander are Lost
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Don’t assume that Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost is all tin whistles and dulcimers
Created on 28 December 2019
15. Brons, Dave - Return to Arda
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
   Sweeping, cinematic, Celt-inspired fantasy-prog that’s designed to take you to another place
Created on 02 November 2022
16. Celestial Fire - Live in The UK
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Dave Bainbridge and friends bring the Celestial Fire experience from beyond these shores right into your eyes and ears...
Created on 09 May 2017
17. Chops 'n Soul - Gimmee The Greas
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Chops ‘n Soul is a powerhouse combo that brings the funk and soul exactly the way you like it.
Created on 19 December 2016
18. Cleveland, Ashley - One More Song
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
 The soulful, well-traveled voice of Ashley Cleveland provides a perfect vehicle to convey the tension between heaven and earth…
Created on 23 February 2018
19. Commissionaires, The - Shelter Me
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Shelter Me is the kind of blue-eyed gospel - with a hint of rock and blues - that fans of Mike Farris and Ashley Cleveland can’t afford to miss…
Created on 23 February 2017
20. Dion - Blues With Friends
(Article tagged with: Bert Saraco)
Blues With Friends is something of a master class in the blues. This wanderer knows exactly where he’s going.
Created on 15 May 2020
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