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Artist: Way Yes
Time: 5 tracks/19 minutes

As a self-admitted music snob, I'm always on the lookout for new artists who defy the mainstream and offer up something unique, something interesting, or both.  When Way Yes's latest EP was passed my way and I gave it a listen, I realized that these guys fall into the "both" category.

Way Yes happens to be a duo from Columbus, OH who specialize in feel-good indie pop that relies on afrobeats and vocals that are high, but not high enough to be annoying.  The result sounds kind of like MGMT covering Paul Simon's Graceland album.

The record exudes good vibes as the reverb-heavy guitars and driving percussion bring to mind relaxing on a tropical island.  There are also plenty of keyboards adding to the mix, creating something unique that you'll probably never hear on mainstream radio, even though tracks like "Gino" and the title track are just as catchy as anything currently in the top 40.

In a perfect world, these guys would be charting singles left and right, but since it's not a perfect world, I urge all the Tollbooth readers to head to iTunes and download this EP along with their previous EP.  Apparently, Way Yes is currently in the studio recording a full-length album, and I for one will definitely be on the lookout for it.

Eric Landfried 3/7/11


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