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This Is Rebellion
Artist: Triple Stitch
©2010 Independent 
Wandering around between generator stages at Cornerstone 2010, I was hoping to hear something that didn’t sound like dragging one’s tongue across gravel. Luck would have it that I was in the wrong tent waiting for some band and heard the last two songs from this almost old school punk band. They reminded me of the Altar Boys from back in the day. I picked up their disc on the strength of what I heard (also because I’m a sucker for spending at C-Stone).
Actually, the more I listened to Triple Stitch’s debut full disc, Squad Five-O came to mind, with some Huntingtons and Altar Boys thrown in for good measure. “Riot” essentially kicks off the release with all the spitfire bombasity of a good garage song with the line, “We can rest when we’re dead.” “Stop, Drop, & Rock N’ Roll” is atypical punk, but a whole lot better than the crud passing for punk to the masses these days. Awesome, short song, which is what a good punk song usually makes for! With many of the tunes in the key of “in your face”, consistency is not an issue. “March Of The Living Dead” has a similar vibe to Main Line Riders, “We Are The Ready Ones”. With “Rebel Yell”, I couldn’t tell if this was a tongue in cheek tribute to Billy Idol, but the line “Rebel yell, rebel yell, you’ll never take me alive” had me chuckling. “Raise The Flag” is the disc’s only down-tempo song. “Sex, Drugs, Rock And Roll” is a fist pumper and just a great little song.
Punch your fist in the air, then pound your chest like there’s no tomorrow. Triple Stitch may be this next decade’s answer to some quality Gut Level Music. Excuse the pun.


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