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Jus’ Desserts
Artist: Tas Cru
Label:  Crustee Tees
Release Date: November 9, 2010
Duration:  11 tracks, 47:32

In total, this blues album has everything a blues album should have. Tight flow of instruments and vocals, soulful feeling, and foot stomping packed-pub-on-a-Friday-night appeal with a touch of slow blues to calm the spirit. Jus’ Desserts is a solid blues / acoustic blues offering with great guitar, harp, keyboards, and percussion meshing well with Tas Cru’s gravelly voice.

Here is a collection of good Texas blues. The album is well mixed, clean and clear throughout with just the right play between vocals, guitar or keyboards dependent on song. The lead track, “Just Let It Happen”, has a playful melody telling one of life’s great lessons. “Glad To Be Alive” has classic blues guitar riffs with great vocals, Bo Diddly smiles on this one!  Great bar room blues follows with “’Dat Maybe”, a foot stomping’ ZZ Top-like blues tune. Check your pulse if your foots not jumping here. True blues followers may find minor disappointment when two songs make the mistake of mixing great blues with an attempt at comedic lyrics. However, the pace quickens with “Swing Doctor”, a blues / pop tune with great blues piano breaks. The finale, “The Lucky Ones”, is a rare slow and personal blues tune that sticks with you as the best always do.

Unlike so many popular blues albums today, Tas Cru delivers solid blues without delving into the profane or pornographic. Jus’ Desserts is well worth the price of admission.

Scott S Mertens

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