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Shawn McDonald & Danen Kane
In Concert at the Cup ‘O Joy
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Saturday, March 26, 2011
Warmth pierced the darkness of a late March night at the Cup ‘O Joy music venue located in Green Bay, WI. Warmth came in the form of Shawn McDonald and Danen Kane performing new offerings for two capacity audiences. McDonald’s new album is fresh on the street this month while Kane’s street date is set for April 30th. 
Opening for McDonald, Kane performed new songs “Inheritance”, followed by “Alive” and “You Came for Me”. Jeanna Bosacki, a gifted talent, provided backing vocals.  Together, the duet closed Kane’s second set with a cover of Misty Edwards’ “Relent”, moving the audience to join their perfect harmony.
McDonald shared many songs, some old and many new, along with his understated humor and stories of his past. Occasionally accompanied by percussionist Craig Paulsen, McDonald captured the audience with his vocals, rhythmic guitar playing, and soul searching lyrics. Crowd favorites included “Captivated”, “Gravity” and “All I Need”.  New songs included “Closer” which is currently climbing the FM charts, “Rise”, “Eyes Forward” and “Storms”. During his first set, McDonald improvised lyrics on “Captivated” with the audience erupting in laughter and applauds. Another new offering “Mystery “, debuted by McDonald at a Cup Benefit Concert in 2009, may be the second song to rise in the charts. McDonald’s vocal gifts, whether singing or adding effects to a song, create a ‘wall of sound’ outdoing anything Phil Spector ever engineered.
The evening shined with rarified entertainment. A comfortable venue with terrific sound and friendly atmosphere – perfect, a happy night spent with new and old friends – awesome, the art of Shawn McDonald and Danen Kane - priceless!

Scott S Mertens

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