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The Lion & The Sail
Things To Say (EP)
(c)2010 Independent

The merits of this EP far outweigh the only minor gripe I can think of, that it's only an EP's worth of music. In a day when iTunes, Bandcamp, and a host of other digital music services allow the customer to purchase individual tracks, it's a wonder bands even get noticed beyond the rief intrscratch the surface variety.

A jangly hook is still a good thing for this reviewer. After a brief intro, "Soul" kicks into gear with all the ferocity that a "seven-piece orchestra" can muster complete with jangly hooks and passionate vocals. "Laura" is a killer song! Everything about the track from the orchestral driving vibe that carries the song and the pleading vocal delivery smacks of an instant classic. "It's Not" is an indie/progressive gem with its' rhythm, infused keyboard, the tenor vocals, and the backing chorus. 

They are currently working on a full length release. For a young band, they have an excitement about their sound that's intoxicating. I personally can't wait!


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