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Reliquarium: Future Hymns from the Ancient World
Artist: Kemper Crabb
For the benefit of the Servants of the King ministry.

This is Kemper Crabb's brain on music. This Episocpal Priest/Rock Star (The Vigil, Atomic Opera, Cademon's Call)/Theologian whose monthly column in HM magazine are a must read opens his brain here to post-reformation music. There is a lot of Bible belt music rolling around up there--"Near the Cross" "There is a Fountain" "Just as I am" "Rock of Ages" "Nothing but the Blood". There are a lot of multi-versed, word rich, theologically sound stuff like "Holy Cubed" (Holy, Holy, Holy), "O How Firm a Foundation" and "This is my Father's World." But most of all, there the instruments. Boogle Tube, Cittern, Celtic Harp, Oud, Theremin, Chanter, Crummhorn, Bombarde, Kellhorn, Harmonium, Kalimba, Melodica, Bouzouki, Echo Harp, Bowed Psaltery, Harpe de Judah, Djembe, Udo, Pepinique, and on and on and on, plus more recognizable stringed instruments such as guitar, mandolin, violin, cello and obo. Obo????

And what does Kemper do with this plethora of sound? He creates soundscapes, Irish reels, meditative moments and trippy sub-tracks for the rock-rib lyrics he delivers in that distinctive high tenor voice of his. The listener is left with the over-all impression that modern praise & worship should really should make more room for the classics. 

Equally important as the lyrics and sound is the cause. This is a fund-raiser--his first--for his father's ministry, Servants of the King,, a remarkable organization that builds orphanages, schools, leprosoriums, hospitals and churches in India and Africa. 

Buy the album. It's full of original takes on great music, for a great cause.

Linda LaFianza


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