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The Endless Funeral 
Artist: Coriolis
Label: Youngside Records
Time: 12 Tracks  1 Hour

Youngside Records has had an interesting roster for quite sometime now, but this was my introduction to this band. This is the second release for Coriolis and while I was pretty excited with this release after the first couple of songs, it quickly became a disappointment. The disc started out with just an dark ambient track and then launches straight into the song "Welcome To My World (Part 1)," which was a little too synth pop for my tastes, but it was still a catchy track. That is actually probably the catchiest track on the disc, and unfortunately it just doesn't hold my interest from there.

I listened to this disc over and over for several days trying to really get a feel for it because I really like the gothic/industrial metal genre, but these guys seem to be trying a bit too hard. There is a smattering of these synth pop keys on several tracks that just don't fit with the overall music, and I don't care for the vocal manipulations here either. Touted on the label website as a concept album about the singer's life over a 5 year period, there are references to NIN, Celldweller and Marylin Manson, but honestly this is pretty far from those bands musically. One of the most difficult things to get past here are also the lyrics which seem to be almost an afterthought and very generic overall. I think Coriolis have potential as a band, but this one just left me wanting something more cohesive and memorable. 

Reviewed by Steve Ruff    12-19-2010 


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