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Introducing The City Harmonic
Artist: The City Harmonic
Label: Kingsway Music
Time: 6 tracks / 25:26

While The City Harmonic is not exactly breaking new ground with their debut release Introducing The City Harmonic, the EP is well executed on many levels with good vocals and excellent production qualities. While worship oriented, not all of the songs will lend themselves to easy congregational singing due to various twists and turns incorporated. But these twists and turns are what make the music interesting and a cut above the average CCM rock worship release.

Lyrically The City Harmonic is straight forward about their faith. Musically this release fits nicely into the modern rock worship-oriented style with an abundance of hooks, catchy melodies and a variety of textures and pacing. Highlights include “I Wonder” with the theme of seeing God all around us while “Manifesto” works in a nice rendering of the Lord’s Prayer. “Coming My Way” provides a nice change of pace at the half-way point of the record.

If The City Harmonic’s aim was to create music that will encourage you in your faith and keep you singing, they have accomplished this.

Charts and lyrics are provided on The City Harmonic website

Fans of Kristian Stanfill, Fee, and similar music could add 1 tock to the rating.

By Larry Stephan  (3/9/2011)


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