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Bearula: The Bear Dracula
Artist:  Technology vs Horse 
Label: Dozing Lady Records
Time: 7 tracks/40:53 min.

Bearula? Obviously, the five guys currently playing in Technology vs Horse are obsessed with vampires. And I don't mean the sissy alt-emo versions that are currently infecting movies and televisions everywhere. The undead you find on Bearula: The Bear Dracula are the full-on classic camp variety more familiar to most children of the 1980s. Just check out the b-movie maniacal laugh that introduces the first track.

With song titles like "Hold the Bear Close to the Lightning" and "Cocaine Dracula", most listeners would approach this album expecting something quirky.  Quirky doesn't even begin to explain this CD.  Experimental and post-everything pretty much rules the day here.  But not in a difficult and strange way - the songs are catchy and fun to listen to. Just really all over the place stylistically.  Alternative and indie rock seem to be two basic points of references, but there is so much going on in every song.  I canít seem to find a list anywhere of who plays what, but there is a good mix of electronic and organic instrumentation that works out nicely.  Technology vs Horse sound like they would be a very entertaining live band.

Lyrically, well... what can you make out of lines like "I'm doing Cocaine with Dracula / and I took these clothes off the rack-ula / Drinking champagne with Scott Bakula / He said 'Wanna come and smoke a rock of crack-ula?'"  Vampires are not the only creatures youíll meet here.  Gnomes, Halflings, and other creatures are all thrown in to the mix. The point is obviously to have fun, so break out your plastic fangs and static-cling black capes.

By Matt Crosslin(12-1-2010)


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