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EP Sampler
Artist: Water and Bodies
©2009 Rain City Records

Ah, now you're talking. A band that records an EP live in the studio, in this day and age, gets major positive points from me. No Pro Tools, no auto-tune plug in, and no safety net. And, oh man, right out of the starting gate it sounds great. I mean, energy unadulterated by the studio process, as close to seeing a great live band on CD, except no cover charge and filthy bathrooms to contend with. 

Major props for not lapsing into the twee, whimsical neutered sound of most indie rock these days. This is rock with ringing guitars and soaring vocals, not in a hard rock mode, but an unselfconscious blast of a band that knows who they are and what they want to say. While done live, there is space and ambience around tracks. This EP will get replay in my home. 

The bio says the band were only together a few months when they recorded this. My hope is that they will not stray far from what makes this great, REALITY. The magic of a newfound chemistry helps many bands' initial recordings and then rapidly disappears as they "mature." 

Water and Bodies carry on the rich musical legacy of the Pacific Northwest proudly. I'm not referring to the whole hoopla of the 90's scene, but inclusive of great bands like the sadly forgotten Wipers, the Posies, and today's Death Cab for Cutie. Bravo and thank you.



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