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Ceol & Cuimhne 
Artist: Teada 
Label: Compass Records
Time: 11 tracks/43 min. 

The first sound you hear on this recording is the scrape of a bow on the strings of a fiddle. That's apt since Teada, as translated from Celtic, means “strings.” 

Teada play traditional Celtic music on acoustic instruments – fiddle, button-accordion, piano, guitar, bodhran (an Irish drum), and various other string and wind instruments. This is an all-instrumental CD of mostly traditional tunes, with a few modern compositions sprinkled throughout. Since the modern songs are in the same style as the traditional ones, you may be hard pressed telling them apart. I couldn't tell the difference anyway. 

The title, Ceol & Cuimhne is Celtic for “music and memory.” That is fitting, since there is something in the melody of these songs that sound instantly familiar. So familiar, in fact, that you may find yourself humming along after the first listen. 

Teada may not bring anything new or original to the dance, but they play with fire and a delicate intensity that is inspired and often, literally, moving. The harp solo, "A Sligo Air," that introduces "Sally Gally," is strikingly beautiful and may give you pause, as it did me. 

Ceol & Cuimhne is good listening for the studious minded music lover who enjoys pointing out the rhythmic differences between a jig and reel, as well as the novice, who is looking for something lively, upbeat, and, at times, strangely serene, to play at a party. It is a most suitable tonic to dispel the doldrums. 

Gary D. Kersey 
April, 2010 


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